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Running away from old age

It has been known for centuries that our lifestyle very much influences our health. If you drink 5 bottles of wine a day then your health is going to inevitably suffer (to anyone that can do this daily, I commend you on your wine drinking skills because 1 bottle and I am away with the fairies). If you exercise every day then it’s obviously going to be far more beneficial. We’re not saying exercise is the key to preserving life as if it was some sort of immortality tool, instead we are just offering a piece of friendly advice. Exercise. Eventually you will experience the benefits first hand and boy does it feel good.

What is the link between age prevention and exercise?

Exercise and age prevention go arm in arm, if we were to personify the pair we could only imagine them to be very Gatsby-esque; luxurious, extravagant and not a wrinkle in sight. However, in all seriousness, physical exercise has been demonstrated in many studies to extend the lifespan of animals and humans alike. Even one single streak of physical exercise has been reported to induce the expression of longevity protein named klotho. When over-expressed in mice klotho leads to lifespan extension while its deficiencies in humans are known to accelerate ageing. Exercise really does delay aging.

As well as the physical benefits, exercise is great for the mind as it is known to promote production of serotonin: the “happiness” hormone, which is vital for maintaining a healthy mind, as positive thinking and good mental health have life extension value. In a recent study conducted by National Cancer Institute in the USA data from 650,000 participants was collected in order to elucidate the relationship between casual exercise and longevity. The results showed that 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity per week adds 3.4 years of life. Moderate activity is defined as one that facilitates speaking but not singing. Essentially, it can be anything from walking the dogs to ball games in the park.

How often should we exercise?

The current amount of “moderate activity” recommended by the American FDA is 2.5hr per week. If you happen to exersise for a longer duration than this then even better! Exceeding either the timing or intensity level twice brings the life extension gain to 4.2 years per person. Although there are a number of skin and weight loss supplement available that are really important to overcome damage to your skin and body and accelerate healing process without any side effects.

The results indicate that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take the bike instead of the car, swap the lift for the stairs and even getting involved in some sport instead of being the spectator. At the end of the day you’re only helping YOU.

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